Monday, June 30, 2014

Long time no blog!

In times of stress and trouble, tea always helps!

Sometimes life changes the rules on us. Sometimes you come to a fork in the road and have to chose a path and sometimes the path you are on just veers in a direction you didn't expect. Pretty much all of these have happened over the last few months.

In the last few months I have been faced with challenges in the workplace which have been at the extremes of the spectrum. It started with one of the busiest periods I've experienced, where weekend work and very long hours were standard. Only to have that followed with the news delivered in the budget that from June 30 the organisation would no longer be funded and have everything draw to rapid stop.

I literally spent one day planning activities for the next 6 months, then the next day pulling out my CV to start applying for new jobs.

Needless to say my brain has been rather busy and blogging just had to take a backseat. But today is June 30. This morning, after weeks of hard work closing off programs, shutting down activities and packing up the office, I handed in my access pass and finished up.

It has been a tough time. I've been in similar situations before, but my staff hadn't so there has been lots of mentoring and keeping up of spirits. It has been a great opportunity to remember the ethos of this blog, that there is happiness even in the worst of situations. We have been inundated with messages of thanks for all our work, everyone has acknowledged what an amazing team it has been and how sad we are that it is over and we have found lots of opportunities to celebrate triumphs small and large.

The future is by no means certain. I have some fantastic casual work lined up but I'm still searching for a new permanent role. After the emotional rollercoaster of the last few months though, I'm quite looking forward to having a little more spare time, a chance to get back here every now and then.

And most of all, I know that despite my path having turned in a very unexpected direction, there will be new adventures, new joys and a continuation of a wonderful life ahead of me.