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I've always been lucky to be a happy person.  But even when you see the glass as half-full the not so enjoyable parts of life have a way somehow being more noticeable than the million little good things that happen each day.

One day in mid 2010 I had a great day.  It wasn't a special day, just a normal work Monday, but I buzzed through in a fantastically good mood.  As I drove home that night there was a discussion on the radio about depressive thought cycles.  It didn't suit my mood, so I switched over to some music but it got me thinking - if you can have a depressive thought cycle, can you have a happiness one?

I wanted my great mood to continue, so I made a conscious decision to start focusing on the good stuff, and to do that I started this blog.  For a whole year I wrote a post every day about something that had made me smile.  It wasn't easy.  During that year I got really sick, had work issues, friends went through tough times and a dear family friend was diagnosed with cancer that killed her within 3 months.  Still through it all, there was not a day that didn't include something that made me smile.

I don't write a blog every day anymore, but this is still a record of happy, lovely things.  Blithe Moments is about what makes me smile.  There are some re-occuring themes - family, friends, food, dance and nature - but really it is just anything nice and happy.

Blithe Moments has made me pay more attention to the good stuff and I think it has made me an even happier person.  I hope you enjoy sharing my happy moments too.

For the up to the minute news on what is making me happy (and occasionally driving me mad) find me on Twitter at @LisaRobey.

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