Sunday, December 2, 2012


After last year's rather pathetic non-summer, Mother Nature has made up for it with this summer arriving with a vengeance.  We have used our airconditioning more in the last week that we did in the whole of last year and I am rediscovering all the lovely light dresses that I haven't worn in ages.  In fact if it hadn't suddenly got stormy yesterday I was actually going to go for a swim, something I rarely do as it has to be scorching to get me into a pool.

Arriving with the heat has been the annual influx of summer produce.  I have seen the mangoes and peaches in the stores for a few weeks now but they seemed to be that pale, early season version.  Today however, the scent of fruit almost assaulted me as I walked into the shop.  The rich, sweet scent that tells you it is bursting with flavour.  Nectarines are among my favourite of the summer fruits, so I couldn't wait to get home and sink my teeth into one.

Standing in the aircon, in a summer dress, with the cricket on in the background, tasting that sweet, slightly acidic flavour - now I truly know summer has arrived.

Do you have a favourite summer fruit? And have you had a "summer is here" moment.


  1. I bought plums and apricots today :-) They're my favourites - I bought a couple of apricots 2 weeks ago at exorbitant prices but now they're settling into an affordable, summer price range.

    Growing up, my summer transition always came from the smell of the carpet in my family's home. Not in a bad smell way, it just smelled different as the weather got warmer. I don't have carpet in my current place so tend to go by fruit and clothing now too :)

    1. How funny about the carpet smell. I must admit that there are a few other smells that mean it is summer. The strong eucalyptus mixed with dust smell you get on really hot days and actually pine trees because summer, Christmas and pine trees are so linked in my mind.

      Yum apricots. I love them too but can never manage to buy ones that stack up to the ones my parents grew.

  2. Yay for summer dresses! It means our legs finally get a tan :)
    Mangoes!! I love them. I love buying a box of them super cheap at the markets. Definitely had a summer moment recently with a 38 degree day and the inside temperature of my home matched the outside temperature so I couldn't sleep at night :S