Sunday, July 21, 2013

Unexpected results

Some days do not turn out the way you expect.  Yesterday was one of those days.

I think it is clear from this blog that I love to dance.  I love to do it, teach it, talk about it, watch it.  The one aspect of dance I've never been that into however, is competitions.  I love to spectate, but competing has never been my thing.

I have my reasons. First and foremost, dance is my relaxation.  I can get to an almost meditative state on the dance floor.  If I had to put in hours of hard training, I feel that would eat into the relaxation. Second I've never had a permanent dance partner in my style of ceroc.  Yes S dances and is quite fantastic, but he doesn't dance ceroc AND he very much shares my first reason of dancing being about relaxing not training.  Finally and I think quite crucially, I'm just not very competitive by nature.  When you see those people who complete at an elite level they have a real drive to win.  I like to succeed in what I do, but that doesn't translate into a desire to win at all costs.

And so competitions have never formed a significant part of my dance story.

Then a couple of weeks ago I was asked to be judge at a local comp.  I was quite honoured, it is a hard job but one that after years of teaching and watching dancers I felt qualified to do so I said yes.  And yesterday I set out to spend several hours watching and judging dancing.  I was so set to be on the sidelines that I even left my dance shoes in the car.

But a couple of minutes after I arrived at the venue that all changed.  There was an advanced dancer from interstate desperately looking for a partner and for some crazy reason I said yes and bolted back to the car for my shoes.  It was quite a small competition, only 4 couples in the advanced category, but as you can imagine the other 3 couples would have been dancing together for weeks, more likely months or even years.  They had rehearsed moves, matched costumes, you get the drift.  My partner and I had a total of 1.5 dances before we hit the competition floor.

We danced, it was fun and a couple of people said nice things to me as I left the dance floor.  I judged the rest of the levels, did a quick dash home to glam up and pick up S for the ball at which the results would be announced.  We had great fun at the ball, there were only 4 people on our table which was set for 6 so the boys each had two entrees, two mains and two desserts.  S showed off his renowned ability to vacuum up food once again.  And then it was time for the results to be announced.

Somehow, my partner and I came third!  Now I know that there were only 4 couples but I'm still completely stoked.  Without any kind of planning or preparation, I now have a dance trophy.

If only every day could turn out like that!


  1. Sounds like it would have been a nice day as planned but what fun to have a nice little unexpected bit of extra fun too. I bet part of it was that you were relaxed and enjoying yourself.