Thursday, September 26, 2013

Internet Find of the Day

Every now and then the Internet does one of those little things that just makes me wonder how we all coped without it.

I have always been a recipe addict.  I have had to enforce specific rules about recipe books otherwise our entire house would be full of them, and every now and then I have to purge the house of magazines.  But the internet takes recipe collecting to a whole new level.

I read so many brilliant food blogs and my pinterest obsession has resulted in a whole collection of new things to try.  However when you have access to recipes from around the world there can be issues about finding the right ingredients and crucially, particularly when I use American recipes, I often have issues because of the different measurements. 

The one that has caused me the most grief (and some very strange results) has been how Americans measure butter.  I don’t know what it is that results in a country deciding to measure butter in sticks, let alone trying to measure a solid thing in cups or tablespoons but it was driving me batty till I found this fantastic website – The Butter Converter Calculator!
Oh yeah, some brilliant person recognised this problem and now I can just tap in the number of sticks / cups / tablespoons etc and have it all nicely converted to grams.
This combined with other calculators that turn Fahrenheit to Celsius and inches to centimetres means I’m now cooking up a storm with fab internet receipes.

Have you found something fantastic on the internet recently?

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