Sunday, July 6, 2014

Restaurant Review: High Tea at Ricardo's Cafe

S and I are very fond of high tea. To be honest I really love any food that comes in small serves of different flavours. Canapes, yum cha, tapas, anything of that style really. A successful high tea has to combine sweet and savoury and have a variety of tastes and textures - and today's high tea certainly delivered in that regard.

Today we headed to Ricardo's Cafe at Jamison. There had been a slight mix up when I booked so they didn't have us listed for high tea (it turns out you need to book and pre-pay through their website) but they were great and organised high tea for us after a short delay.

We had a variety of sandwiches, blueberry scones, 4 cakes and a number of macarons. Everything was delicious. It was slightly awkward to eat in that we had to cut up each cake to share between the 4 of us but it was a good way to have a taste of each thing without filling up too much. And of course that is always the issue with high tea. The stand didn't look too full when we started but we ended up taking home some of the macarons because we were too full to finish them.

The other issue with high tea for me is that I always run out of the accompanying tea. At Richardo's the $35 cost includes 2 beverages, so half way through we got to reorder. The teas are from Adore Tea and I had Gorgeous Geisha a lovely green tea for both my pots and it kept me going through all the food.

All in all we had a lovely afternoon. Looking at the other high tea stands it appeared you had a bit of pot luck in which of the cakes you got from the huge display case full of them at the front counter but we were very happy with our passionfruit tart, vanilla slice, blueberry cheesecake and layered mousse. It was certainly great value and a yummy way to spend a Sunday afternoon, even if I'm in a bit of a food coma now!

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