Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Baking Joy

I love to bake. Let me rephrase that. I LOVE to bake.

Cooking is a passion of mine. I really enjoy producing food that people enjoy eating. I love to cook for friends and family and having people over for a meal is a joy for me.

But the thing I love to do most is bake. Biscuits, cakes, tarts and pastries. I enjoy the amazing chemistry reactions that make things rise, becoming light and airy. I really love how the house smells as something delicious comes out of the oven. But the best bit is watching others enjoy the fruits of my labour.

Over the last few weeks the extra time I've had has allowed me to do a bit more baking that usual. I don't think I've made a cake in months until this weekend when I made two! We are eating home made biscuits and there are delicious desserts in the fridge. But the best bit is just how much fun I've had creating all this yummy food.

On a different but slightly related note I've also realised I need to start doing a whole lot more exercise.

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