Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Review: Aldi Fruit Indulgence Hot Cross Buns

It is Lent! If I was religious, this would be the roughly six week period where I would prepare myself to celebrate the most holy time of year - Easter - through prayer, penance, repentance of sins, almsgiving, atonement and self-denial.

However I am not at all religious, so I use the start of Lent as a marker for when I can eat hot cross buns. These days they seem to arrive on supermarket shelves within days of Christmas, but in keeping with my overall philosophy that some things need to be enjoyed only at certain times to keep them special, I limit myself to just 6 weeks of fruity, spiced bun goodness.

This year as a selfless act to you my readers, I have decided to taste test and review as many hot cross buns as I can. This will help you identify the very best and give me extra reasons to cram as many as I can in my gob!

And to ensure the reviews are not affected by gender bias, S will be joining me to give the male perspective.

First up: Aldi Fruit Indulgence Hot Cross Buns - 6 pack

It is no secret to say that I'm an Aldi fan. We do the vast majority of our grocery shopping there and because we never read the catalogue I love the excitement of turning the corner into the "random crap" section of the store and finding out what they have this week. Over the years I've bought the most amazing things in that part of Aldi, most recently I got all new gym gear.

But back to the Hot Cross Buns. Let me start by saying if you want these, you need to be there bright and early. Aldi customers (at least at my Aldi) are fans of these and there have been plenty of times when only the fruitless or chocolate versions remain, neither of which I consider to be real hot cross buns.

Let's start with S's thoughts. Pretty good, nice fruit, a bit dense. A smell of cinnamon, nutmeg and burnished oak. 7/10 (I think he might have drifted onto a wine review there)

I'm pretty much in agreement (except for the oak). These hot cross buns have great flavour, good spice, really nice fruit and no peel which I prefer but S would have liked to taste. However the texture is a bit doughy and gluggy. I would definitely be happy to eat them again, which is good because we still have 4 in the fridge! I agree, a solid 7/10.

Do you have a favourite hot cross bun we should taste test?

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  1. It makes me a little crazy seeing Easter eggs and buns hit the supermarket shelves before we even get to the New Year these days. These buns sound great and, for me, the most important cross looks good. I judge a bun on how easy it is for me to peel the cross off to eat, yup, throw back to my childhood.