Monday, February 27, 2012

The Oscars

It is the Oscars today, and I love them.

To start with, I just love movies.  I always have, I think it is genetic.  Long ago my grandfather was the European distributor for RKO pictures and my grandmother was a translator of them.  I studied film for a little while at school and I adore the craft of film making as well as the art of story telling that both exist in a good movie.

But I really love the Oscars because they are one of the occasions where movie stars look like I think they should.

Once upon a time movie stars were these constantly glamorous creatures, who always appeared perfectly coiffed and made-up in legendary gowns.  Now we have too many magazines featuring stars without makeup, stars who have gained weight, stars in their tracksuits.  I know that they are meant to make us realise that these are real people, but really, the reason I want to look at these people is because they are glamorous, not because they are real.

And that is why I love the Oscars.  Seeing those women, who have clearly had a team of people working on them for multiple hours (not to mention the days before) to polish them into some kind of unreal perfection, wearing dresses and jewellery worth multiple times my annual salary, well I just love it.

One of these years I will achieve my ambition of watching all the movies nominated for Best Picture (this year I haven't seen a single one) but as with every year, this year I shall spend my time swooning over the images of a collection of truly beautiful women and handsome men.


  1. I love that you wrote this post :) I am so ignorant of when things like the Oscars are on. I suspect I could really enjoy them if I engaged with them, but usually I only find out they're on after they're over. Similarly, the only pictures I tend to see are the ones on the front of women's magazines at the shops. I do agree with you on the lost glamour of movie stars though - there is some magic in the older day actors and actresses that isn't around today.

    1. Oh the Oscars are always on my calendar. I hate to miss such excellent escapism! I thought it was gorgeous again last night, so many beautiful people.