Monday, October 15, 2012

Rock Your Frock - the result

The male best dressed winner (in orange) with another of the wonderful men in frocks.
What a weekend.  What a crazy, amazing, thrilling weekend.

This weekend was Rock your Frock, the dance party I run as a Frocktober fundraiser and saying it was a success is such an understatement.  We had 186 people there and raised $3,337.75 - around $1,000 more than was raised last year!  I'm in shock at the amount, thrilled that so many people got dressed up and buzzing that everyone had such a good time.

I worked for awhile as an event planner so I have the process of organising such an event down to a practiced art.  But when on Saturday morning someone asked me what was involved and I started describing it, I realised it actually is a lot of work.  Somehow because I know what I'm doing and I've organised far bigger things I tend to downplay the effort in my mind.  But given I do all the work in my own time and on my own, it really is kind of a big deal.  And to pull off a night where people didn't want to leave and when they did they had exhausted smiles on their faces and heels in their hands from tired dancing feet, is pretty special.

Mum wrote a post on her blog this weekend about how fundraising is in our blood.  For me, it is just something that I do and now having a cause, ovarian cancer research, that I care about so deeply makes it that much more important to me.  The thrill of a successful event is great, but passing the money through to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, that is amazing.

But back to the night itself.  I don't pre-sell tickets as the extra admin and cost are not worth it, so it is always somewhat of a lottery as to how many people come.  But they did come, slowly at first and then in a solid stream that just went on and on.  My wonderful Mum and sister manned the door while I sold raffle tickets, organised and got in the occassional dance.  Every time I turned around more people had arrived and excitingly, there were more and more who I didn't know.  I expected lots of the dancers who I know well but as the numbers of new faces increased I got increasingly excited.

And the outfits.  The women were gorgeous, the table of 40's and 50's pin-ups was extraordinary, but then there were the men in dresses.  No description will do them justice, so please, enjoy these photos of some of the best dressed from Saturday night - I will leave it up to you to determine gender but as a hint, the facial and leg hair tends to be a giveaway.

This lovely lady in gold was our best dressed female winner.

On a side note can I say while many women seem to struggle walking well in heels, the guys did incredibly well on a slippery dance floor.  I'm going to surmise that being a dancer gives you great balance.

Currently I'm just $400 away from my fundraising target.  If you feel inspired, please do donate at:


  1. WooHoo!!! Congratulations on such a successful night! Looks like much fun was had :)

  2. Awesome! This sounds so cool! I love it!

  3. Congratulations Lisa! What an amazing event, by the sounds of it (and the photos!), and a staggering amount of money.