Friday, February 22, 2013

Dressed for Success

I have been a little absent from my blog of late.  Sorry about that, I put it down to my new job.  I'm having a fantastic time but my brain has been bursting at the seams with all the new knowledge I'm acquiring and it hasn't left much space for creative writing - or creative anything really.  However I'm going to make a concerted effort to get back into the swing of writing and reading everyone else's blogs, I feel out of the loop!

There are many great things about my new job but one thing I've noticed that I really hadn't expected is how excited I've been about the clothes.  It isn't that I have some brilliant uniform or anything it is that over the last few years I've worked in a very casual environment but now I'm in a bustling office full of well dressed women.

When I started working one of the things I was most excited about was the clothes.  Random I know, but after too many years of bottle green uniforms followed by my uni uniform of jeans and a t-shirt the idea of dressing up for work sounded brilliant.

I've been through various fashion phases related to the work I was doing.  At first I wore a lot of suits.  Skirt suits, pant suits, greys, blacks, pinstripes.  There was one fantastic bright red suit - I really loved it because it made me stand out when I went to the numerous events full of men in black and grey.

As my work moved away from lots of formal goverment meetings I moved to a slightly less formal style of dress.  Lots of jackets were still involved but not so matchy matchy.

Then there was the last few years working for a small business where it was rare to have clients visit.  It isn't that I still didn't dress nicely, but the very lovely team of guys I worked with would just never notice.  How do I know?  They didn't notice for a week when I wore ugg boots in winter and there was never a problem if I just felt like wearing jeans to work.  To be honest I probably could have worn a track suit and no one noticed.

Now I'm back in an office environment complete with a team of well dressed women.  Actually the women in this office are quite fantastically dressed and it has me upping my game.  I'm back paying attention to what I wear in the morning, thinking about outfits, accessories and different ways to wear things and I'm LOVING it.

There are many aspects to work.  Lets face it, the primary reason most of us work is for the income, but there is so much more you get out of the experience.  There is the social interaction, the intellectual stimulation, the satisfaction of achieving outcomes.  And so for me the clothes is something I'm really enjoying about my new job.

Do you like dressing for work?  And what are the aspects of work you really enjoy?


  1. Glad all is well with the new job

    SSG xxx

  2. My office has a very casual dress code. I don't think it'd be possible to be to dressed down, but if someone comes in wearing a suit they'll get asked all day why they're so dressed up.

    1. Yup that was my old office. The ugg boots were the funniest, I ended up pointing it out myself when we were talking about how cold it was and I said that was why I was wearing them and there was this collective oh so you are moment.

  3. I had a bottle green school uniform too, so I know how the memory lingers :)

    I do relate to your excitement over the clothes, and am glad you're getting such pleasure from them (and the new job!). My work clothes aren't casual, but they aren't business fancy either, and if that ever changed I think it would be fun finding new outfits and dressing up in a way I've never done.

    1. I have a really nice navy skirt that I always struggle to wear because it reminds me of a school uniform. Oh how they scar us!