Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lipstick stains

I am a devoted user of eyeliner and mascara.  Since the moment I left high school (where make up was banned but I still wore concealer least people ask me what was wrong at home due to my naturally dark under eye circles) I have worn eyeliner and mascara at every practical - and many not practical - moments.  My love of makeup however didn't really extend past my eyes.  I have always loved how lipstick looks and admired those women with glossy red smiles, but I could never quite be that girl.

All that changed last August when I went to Charm School.  Finally I learned how to wear lipstick without looking like a clown.  As a fan of a vintage look, particularly the 40s and 50s, changing to a slick of winged black eyeliner and red lips was probably inevitable, but what has amazed me was how instantly it became my "face".  Not only that it has actually cut down the time I spend doing my makeup in the morning!

And so it was that today I found myself, giant cup of tea on my desk complete with lipstick mark, reapplying said lipstick while wearing a full skirt and heels, and it occurred to me that I look like a perfect 1950's secretary.  And you know what, so long as no one treats me like one I'm just fine to look like that.

Have you ever changed your look?  Was it a conscious decision or did it just evolve like mine has?


  1. I remember your charm school posts!

    Even though I'm housebound these days, I wear my lippy around the house and don to the shops.

    SSG xxx

  2. I don't wear lipstick, but I never leave the house without eyeliner. Not mascara though ... mascara and glasses do NOT play well together.

  3. I made a conscious decision to start wearing my dresses more (one of the things on my list of changes for the 2013 year of change!). I was putting a new acquisition in the cupboard over the holidays and realised that I had at least a dozen rarely worn dresses hanging there, an embarrassing number of which had been bought as long as three years ago and then never worn. I have obtained a couple of new pairs of shoes and am about to buy some leggings so that I can feel comfortable out and about in them.

    It might not sound like much but I am a pants girl through and through, I just figure that continuing to wait for the 'one day' when I'm comfortable in a dress will mean I never wear them but maybe if I wear them a lot I'll get used to it and become comfortable in them ... I might even be able to participate in Frocktober myself this year :)

  4. I love that thought of you dressed and made up in immaculate 1950s fashion :) Your tea cup also look so very adult. I suspect I will never make it to that point, no matter how old I get! I wear minimal make up and am not very confident with the more dramatic stuff, and also just don't tend to change up my routine to experiment with it.