Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Review: Hot Cross Bun Roundup

And so it is a wrap. It has been a great few weeks of fruity, spiced bun goodness with a major flurry at the end to try as many as we possibly could. There have been some disappointments, many middle of the road buns and there have been some standouts.

It was a hard fought battle. Honourable mentions must go to Flute Bakery and Whisk Bakery and Patisserie for standout buns but there can be only one winner. Drum roll please ... the winner is Silo Bakery!

They may not be the prettiest buns (top middle), but they sure are delicious. Full of fruit, dense and spicy. They were close to perfection. And if you don't like a small bun, they make them in loaf size as well!

But in case you can't get to Kingston (and in case they are sold out when you get there) here is the wrap including a last few reviews:

Aldi Fruit Indulgence Hot Cross Buns: These hot cross buns have great flavour, good spice, really nice fruit and no peel however the texture is a bit doughy and gluggy.
S: 7/10
L: 7/10

Baker's Delight Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Buns: Another tasty hot cross bun. We thought they were very similar to the Aldi ones, they had a good level of fruit, but again it was limited to just sultanas and currents. The texture was good, light and fluffy but I felt they were lacking in the spices, the overarching taste was the fruit. We did particularly like the sweet, sticky glaze. It is yummy if finger coating.
S: 7/10
L: 7/10

Brother's Oven: Good texture, not quite enough fruit, huge size.
S: 6.5/10
L: 7/10

Coles Fruit Hot Cross Buns: a nice light fluffy texture and really juicy fruit but while they smelt really good, on tasting I thought there was something off about the balance of spices with a slight bitter note.
S: 7/10
L: 6/10

Erindale Cakery Bakery: These buns were seriously lacking in fruit. I thought they had good spice but S didn't agree and he also thought the glaze was pretty hit and miss. The texture is good, light and fluffy but they really needed more fruit.
S: 5/10
L: 7/10

Flute Hot Cross Buns: Truly delicious. A brioche bun with a citrus flavours but packed with fruit and a very yummy glaze.
S: 8/10
L: 8.5/10

Knead Patisserie: Disappointing. While they do had a light and fluffy texture and the apricot glaze is delicious, there was no where near enough fruit and it was totally lacking in spice.
S: 6/10
L: 5/10

Silo Bakery: This was close to perfection. Packed with fruit including peel (!!) great spice, dense but with a nice crumb. What an amazing hot cross bun. The only thing we could fault was that it wasn't the greatest glaze and the cross was a bit haphazard.
S; 9/10
L 9/10

Wanniassa Bakery: A great hot cross buns. Loads of fruit (sultanas, raisins, currants) and great spice. I quite liked the dense texture but agreed it got a bit doughy at the base.
S: 7/10
L: 7.5/10

Whisk Bakery and Patisserie: Excellent fruit, loads of it and really juicy plus super spices. We liked the glaze and even really liked the cross!
S: 7.5/10
L: 8/10

We hope you have a very happy Easter and get to enjoy a few hot cross buns yourself.

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