Sunday, March 29, 2015

Review: Brother's Oven Hot Cross Buns

After our successful hot cross buns from Wanniassa, S and I decided to stick to a good thing and stay on the Southside. This week we tried the offering from The Brothers Oven.

The Brothers Oven has to be the only shop that has remained constant since Homeworld, the centre next to the Hyperdome opened in the 80's. I've long been a fan of their sausage rolls and bread so it seemed obvious that we should try their hot cross buns.

They offer what seems to be the standard range now of fruit, fruitless and choc-chip but as you know I'm a purist so we had traditional fruit. On size alone these are standout buns. They are HUGE and at $5.50 for a 6 pack they are also very reasonably priced for a bakery offering.

But on to the taste ... we both agreed these had a nice light texture, decent but not large amount of fruit, light spice, subtle glaze. Basically they are a very tasty but not standout bun.

S: 6.5/10
L: 7/10

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