Saturday, March 21, 2015

Review: Wanniassa Bakery Hot Cross Buns

So after our disappointment with a northside bakery, S and I decided to play it safe and shop local. In the heartland of the southside, Wanniassa shops are one of those great little shopping centres. They have a supermarket, bottle shop, a couple of restaurants that punch above their suburban weight, a hairdresser and of course a bakery with a big sign advertising the availability of hot cross buns.

As we walked in we realised that not only did they have hot cross buns, they were on special! We got 6 gorgeous buns for $4 (vs 2 for $5 at Knead Patisserie - just saying) and we were much happier with this purchase.

From the male perspective, S said that these are very dense but tasty hot cross buns. They have a nice dark colour, definitely win on fruit but are let down by being just too dense, particularly towards the base. The don't have a nice glaze like the other bakeries - the top is more like a supermarket hot cross bun - but overall very good hot cross buns that don't quite tick all the boxes to get a top score.

From me: I agree, these are great hot cross buns. Loads of fruit (sultanas, raisins, currants) and great spice. I quite liked the dense texture but agreed it got a bit doughy at the base. This is definitely what you want and expect from a hot cross bun. That said the didn't have the delicious glaze or tweaked flavours that make the Flute version something a bit more special, so I would say this is a very good standard bun, but not quite into the gourmet realms of a Flute baked version.

S: 7/10
L: 7.5/10

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