Saturday, March 14, 2015

Review: Knead Patisserie Hot Cross Buns

If you are not from Canberra you may be unaware that it is actually two cities. There is the Northside and there is the Southside. People identify over whether they are from north or south of the lake. Many people will not move to "the other side" and we tend to spend our time on our side of the lake.

S and I are Southsiders, however today we ventured north and took the opportunity to visit Knead Patisserie. Knead is located inside the Belconnen Markets and is known for its bread and pastries which are very well regarded. Every table in the place was full and there was a queue of people lining up to order from the delicious looking selection. We stepped up to test out the hot cross buns.

Sadly, they were a bit disappointing. While they do have a light and fluffy texture and the apricot glaze is delicious, there was no where near enough fruit. I had numerous mouthfuls with not a single bit of fruit in it. The fruit is sultanas, currents and peel and when you got some, it was nice and juicy, just very little of it. The bread is lightly spiced but again if you had a mouthful without fruit, it was just slightly sweet, vaguely spiced bread.

I had high hopes for Knead's hot cross buns but in future I think we will just stick to their pastries.

Lisa's score 5/10
S's score 6/10 (mostly for the apricot glaze)

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