Thursday, March 5, 2015

Review: Flute Bakery Hot Cross Buns

The Flute Bakery is a Canberra legend. Hidden in the middle of our industrial district it is open only between 8am and 3pm Monday to Friday and only takes cash. The reality is that most of their business is supplying cafes and restaurants around the city but if you make the trek to the bakery, you get to select from an amazing and ever changing line up of cakes, pastries and breads - you just have to battle the crowds.

After trying a number of supermarket hot cross buns we decided it was about time that we stepped up the game and started on the specialist bakery offerings. S has actually been trying to get these for me for awhile but today a colleague stopped in on her way to the office to buy us afternoon tea (I know my awesome workplace has afternoon tea featuring Flute cakes on special occasions) and spotted them so got me half a dozen.

Let me just say it was super hard not to eat these then and there at my desk, but I waited so that S and I could try them together. We had one cold from the box, one slightly heated. Both were great but not surprisingly it tasted best heated.

This is a truly delicious hot cross bun. Just the smell as we opened the lid of the box was mouthwatering. The flavour has a freshness about it, I think this comes from the distinctly citrus notes. S thought that you could really tell it had been baked that day on the premises rather than baked some time before and packed in plastic like the supermarket versions we had tried.

In terms of texture, these buns are made of brioche which gives them a dense but light texture. They are packed with fruit, currants and sultanas. I couldn't see any peel, I think they must use zest to flavour the dough. S commented that even after a day sitting on my desk they were still quite moist and we both agreed that the glaze was super yummy.

The only thing we felt was lacking was the spices. The main flavour was definitely the orange, we couldn't really taste the normal cinnamon and nutmeg.

S: 8/10
Lisa: 8.5/10

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