Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Random Musings: A gut reaction

Some times you act on instinct, a gut reaction before you even think.

I had to be in Sydney at the Queen Victoria Building for work this week. I was up on an early flight and the function I was attending didn't start till a little later which gave me enough time to nip into Haigh's chocolates to buy some nice Easter gifts. It took serious focus to make quick decisions and get on my way but I was ably assisted by one of the very lovely staff members as I picked out options from the huge selection.

If you have been to Haigh's you will know that they always offer you a chocolate sample when you buy something. Being 8am and knowing I was about to tuck into eggs and bacon I turned the offer down - I know, in hindsight I'm shocked and amazed at my restraint. But I was saved by the thoughtful assistant who instead packaged me up quite a generous sample of broken Easter egg in a little bag which I immediately imagined eating on the plane on my way home..

I headed up to the gorgeous tea room, sat through an inspiring presentation and had a delicious breakfast before heading back outside to grab a cab.

But as I stepped out of the glorious building that is the QVB, I was struck by the sight of a homeless woman begging near the entrance. She was sitting, head bowed, with an air of abject misery. As a cab pulled up, the thought of my package of sample chocolate suddenly occurred to me so I quickly thrust it into her hand.

Her smile was fantastic. Yes, it was just a little pack of broken pieces of chocolate but in that moment it lit her up.

The presentation I had been to was on philanthropy and the point had been made that the act of giving is as much a benefit for the giver as it is for the receiver and I know that my split second decision to give away my chocolate really did make me feel good. It is a little reminder that it doesn't take much to spread some happiness.

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