Saturday, July 4, 2015

Review: Chocolab custom chocolate bars

A couple of weeks ago, a lot of rain, combined with a little oil and a roundabout meant that my car and a concrete barrier got to know each other rather better than one would normally like. It was all a bit dramatic, and while everything has turned out alright, I have to admit I was really very shaky that evening.

And that, I am going to say, completely explains how I came to order a whole bunch of custom made chocolate. Let’s just leave out the reality where I probably would have ordered the chocolate anyway once the images of the bars created by Chocolab started arriving in my Instagram feed, I am totally blaming my little splurge on shock.

One of the things I most love about ordering stuff on the internet is the delayed gratification. You choose something, part with money and … nothing happens. By the time the parcel arrives the spending of the money is so far in the past it is almost like a present arriving and honestly I do buy the best presents.

So about a week later a box containing my order/present arrived. After the initial surprise of the flavours I had ordered (I honestly couldn't remember, I was in shock I tell you) came the excitement of tasting my creations. Chocolab lets you choose from quality white, milk or dark Belgium chocolate and then top it with an almost endless array of nuts, confectionery, biscuits, spices, fruit and more.

Now I’m no professional chocolate taster - although S reckons I'm in constant training. I’m much more of a shove it in my gob and say yum kind of gal, but here are my thoughts.

Dark chocolate with coffee beans and Oreos
I don't eat/drink coffee but S is a coffee fan. The coffee is freshly roasted and the scent of it as you open the cellophane is intense. S really liked it and thought it was a good combination but would have liked a greater proportion of Oreo.

Dark chocolate with caramel fudge, butterscotch toffee bits
The dark Belgium chocolate is really rich and intense and possibly a little bit too much for the toppings I chose. The butterscotch toffee bits adds a nice texture and the fudge was lovely when I nibbled it but it just got a bit lost in the intensity of the dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate with raspberry and sherbet
Can you tell we like dark chocolate? Ok, so this one was a little out there - but in such a good way. The zingy sweetness of the sherbet is a great contrast to the rich dark chocolate and the little bursts of freshness from the freeze dried raspberries. I could definitely see a repeat order of this one happening.

Nutella Chocolate Bar
I was also lucky enough to be one of the first people to try the brand new Nutella bar. Milk chocolate filled with nutella and wafer. With the milk chocolate and wafer it is vaguely reminiscent of a kit kat in texture, but the quality creamy chocolate combined with the deliciousness of Nutella makes it a taste sensation. I have a terrible feeling this is the bar I could scoff in one session.

My parcel also arrived with the cutest gift of a double dipped Oreo. That is right, an Oreo biscuit dipped first in white chocolate, then in milk chocolate. It is a Tim Tam on steroids and completely moreish. I'm pretty happy they only gave me one because I don't think I would have the self control to limit myself if a whole pack had turned up.

Chocolab is definitely a fun and tasty concept. I can imagine many bars yet to come. Head on over and check them out at:

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