Saturday, December 3, 2011

Opening Doors

Have you been opening your advent calendar doors?  I'm firmly of the belief that one is never too old for such Christmas traditions, which is probably helped by the fact that I have an extremely cute advent calendar.  It was a present from Mum a few years ago, my sister has one too and we love them.

Each day I open a door and get a new little decoration to hang on the tree.  When I pack it up in January I always put them away in a random order so that I surprise myself with what comes out on each day.

The house is feeling very festive.  Every night I put the lights on the tree and sit in semi-darkness admiring it.  Gosh I love a Christmas tree.

But the rest of the house is decorated too.  From the wreath on the front door, to the little ornaments on shelves and coffee tables.

I love blue and gold, so even in my red themed home I have a special place for a crystal bowl of blue and gold baubles in the middle of my dining table.  Isn't the runner great?  I got it for $3 from the Reject Shop this year.

Do you decorate the whole of your house, and where do you set the line between tasteful decorations and OMG the house vomited tinsel?


  1. Your advent calendar is gorgeous :) I've never had one like this, only the chocolate variety that you buy and don't re-use! And even then, only rarely because my Mum wasn't a big fan (she'd have liked this type!).

    We're holding off on Christmas decorations until after my birthday - family tradition - but they'll be appearing soon! I'm looking forward to it.

  2. Kari when we were growing up we had the chocolate kind too. Our grandma (Oma) used to also make us a string of little presents which we would open each day. Just tiny things like a cute eraser or a single lindt ball, but it was gorgeous. That is a lovely family tradition about waiting till after your birthday for Christmas decorations.

  3. Oh, what a fabulous advent calendar!! Literally nothing in my life is in the Christmas spirit, least of all me. It's going to be a horrible stressful month, and I can't even cope with thinking about Christmas yet! *cries*

  4. I think this i much cuter than plain chocolate ones

  5. I have a Hello Kitty advent calendar this year :P no where near as cool as yours!

  6. i love advent calendars. this year i didn't have one because i decided i didn't need to start the day with sugar. silly me!