Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Summer Picnic

This part of December is a busy time, so a moment of stillness is very welcome.  Kicking off my shoes in the cool grass, lazing under a tree on a picnic blanket with S was the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

After weeks of wet, unseasonably cool weather, today was perfect.  Mid-20s, a gentle breeze, just the day you want for a picnic BBQ, which is exactly what we had been invited to.  The gathering was to celebrate a birthday and wet weather plans had been made, but the summer gods smiled and we spread our picnic blankets under shady trees and fired up the BBQ.

After stuffing ourselves with egg and bacon rolls and sausage sandwiches, S and I lazed back on the rug.  There was gentle conversation, warm fresh air and full bellies.  I don't know if contentment is quite a strong enough word to sum it all up.

While children ran about, dogs watched for the remains of BBQ and people laughed, I looked up at the canopy of green above us and reflected on just how lucky I am to have these gorgeous moments in my life.


  1. This sounds perfect :) I know what you mean about 'contentment' sometimes not being quite enough. It sounds like a lovey day - and a great break from the hecticness so often characteristic at this time of year.

  2. ThePassionateShopper - thank you!

    Kari - it was an awesome day.