Thursday, December 1, 2011

Summer Love

I don't have a favourite season.  There are things I love about each one, and things I don't.  But on the first day of summer I'm thinking of all the things I love about the hot part of the year.  There are so many, from the coolness of the early morning when the sky is the hard blue that tells you it is going to be a scorcher, to sipping cocktails in the long warm twilight of a summer evening.  Here are a few thoughts:

Summer Fruit - peaches, nectarines, cherries, berries, mangoes that are so ripe and full of flavour that the juice runs down your arms in sticky trails while you eat them.

Long days - daylight for hours and hours.  From the cool of the early morning, through the scorching midday when you retreat to the air conditioning, only to venture out in the long lingering warmth of summer evenings.

Ice creams - eaten fast so that they don't melt, cooling after a long walk.

Bare legs and arms - lily white from winter hibernation, they are released.  Fresh air on bare limbs and bright painted toenails in open toed sandels.

Summer Storms - excitement of thunder and lightening followed by the refreshing cool, clean post rain air.

Picnics - under shady trees in gorgeous gardens, by the lake, or at the beach.  Lazing on a picnic blanket eating delicious morsels while reclining in luxuriant relaxation.

And so much more ...

What do you love about summer?


  1. Daylight, daylight, daylight! For a couple of months of the year it's actually light when I leave home in the morning and light when I get back in the evening :)

  2. Daylight savings is awesome & peaches are high on the list. Oh and watermelon on a hot day.

    I must say my all time fave season is Autumn though, nothing nicer than watching the leaves change and fall. Plus I love boots more than havianas so no contest.

  3. CheezyK - I couldn't agree more. I love coming home in daylight and being able to potter about in my garden.

    Aneets - how could I forget watermelon? I love it chilled from the fridge. Autumn is beautiful, but I refuse to pick a favourite.

  4. Lisa, my dear, you have stolen my post :) I am joking of course, but I was pondering just this morning on what I was liking about the start of summer, and thinking about how I might blog those things tonight or tomorrow. I shall think of a slightly different format ;)

    Incidentally, fruit and longer days are on my list too (although we don't even having daylight saving). Definitely good things!

  5. Kari - how funny! Do write your list, it is great seeing all the different things that people enjoy - although fruit and daylight do seem to be common denominators.

  6. I love the fruit, the long days and the feel of the air after going for a swim.

    I love summer.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  7. SSG - Oh yeah, warm air on damp skin. Soooo good! Have fun in Dubai.

  8. Good minds just think alike :)

  9. Oh yes, all the things you mentioned! Bring it on! :D

  10. leaf - I agree bring it on - it is cold today, I want summer!