Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sleepless in South Canberra

I'm a little tired today, so are most of my colleagues, friends, and random people in coffee shops were all talking about how tired they are.  In fact most people in Canberra are a little tired today.  You see last night we had a series of epic storms over the city.

They started at about 4.30pm, coming in waves throughout the night.  They were spectacular, an amazing amount of lightening accompanied by driving rain, hail and strong wind.  All of this combined to make for a rather sleepless night for many.

I love thunder storms, the electricity in the air makes me feel all excited.  Driving home before they really hit you could tell it was going to be amazing by the fantastic castles of blue black clouds.  But I have to admit that the resulting strobe like light show and thundering rain at 2am felt a little more horror movie.  It was so regular and bright it lit up the room just like your classic scary movie scene.

This morning however the storms paused and the air had that fantastic post rain freshness.  For the sleep deprived among us, it was an excellent wake up moment - well that and a caffeinated beverage.


  1. Gosh, definitely a day for a caffeinated beverage by the sounds of it. I hope you have a clear, quiet night tonight - I rather enjoy storms but suspect this may have been one instance when I'd have wanted it all to finish!

  2. ohh storms are nice when they happen over night.. and i dont have to drive... and the next day the air feel so clean :)

  3. Kari - we had a lovely clear night last night, I'm feeling much better rested. I still loved the storms though.

    Pop Champagne - the sky is so incredibly blue today, all that rain has really washed it clean.