Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So you know that I love all things girly.  Flouncy skirts, pretty flowers, bows and ribbons, puppies and kittens.  All that stuff.  But did you know I also really love scary movies, particularly those featuring zombies and vampires.  Yay for contradictions.

That said I am a total wimp and will only watch such things in S's company.  Which provides significant amusement for him as I watch large sections through my fingers or curled up with my face half hidden in his shoulder.  Such scary stuff must always also be followed by a comedy before bed, lest my highly vivid imagination decide to give me a night filled with stunningly real zombie adventures.

So it was with much excitement that I informed S I had just read about a new zombie TV series "The Walking Dead".  Ok, I know it isn't really new, audiences have been enjoying it for two years now, but just as I would hope the real zombie invasion would work out, our island continent seems to have missed out.

Now if you remember zombie viewing must be followed by comedy, so I had also suggested that we watch a fantastic old(ish) British series called "Teachers" as S had not seen it.  With both series ready to go, we got set for a weekend of scaring ourselves (well myself) silly followed by laughter.

However as the first scene of "The Walking Dead" filled the screen I realised that in a weird coincidence we had picked two shows, made years apart and in separate countries with the same lead actor, Andrew Lincoln.

Somewhere along the way, the irresponsible teacher had turned into a zombie fighting sheriff, quite a cool transformation if I do say so myself.

If you like a good zombie story, then get hold of "The Walking Dead".  It really is brilliant, very well made, great stories, excellent acting and I seriously hope they have been getting all the awards for makeup.

But if you prefer a story about a group of irresponsible young teachers trying to figure life out while random and crazy stuff happens in the background, "Teachers" is for you.

Either way, you get to enjoy the talents of Andrew Lincoln, and I have to say, whether fighting of zombies or high school students he makes some pretty enjoyable viewing.


  1. ME TOO! Mr Bite just can't understand it when I'm hidden behind a cushion whilst he's quite relaxed. Or when I tell him that the plot of whatever scary thing we watched turned made it into my (bad) dream. I'm so glad I'm not the only one :P

    I'll keep a look out for Teachers too, as British comedy is something I can relax into!

  2. Kari - S finds me incredibly amusing. I just tell him I have a better imagination!!! Teachers is great, season 2 was the best but definitely start with season 1. Don't bother with season 4, it seriously jumped the shark there.

  3. I think a friend of mine recommended this to me on the weekend! Just have to finish watching Parks and Rec, Misfits, Community, and Vampire Diaries (shhhh) first :P

  4. Omg I love love this series, I usually prefer movie that involve the end of the world, I know wired, but anyhow the day that a new episode of TWD appears is wonderful, I can’t wait to see it, I agree that it’s absolutely brilliant! Your blog is awesome by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  5. I LOVE old-ish British comedies - now I'm excited!

    Sadly, I'm far too paranoid/crazy to watch scary movies! Though I have heard fabulous things about the Walking Dead.

  6. Hannah - I know what you mean, I have a head of stuff on the go too. But make some space for the Walking Dead, it is awesome.

    Sara - thanks for the follow and it is great to hear of another end of the world fan! Can't wait to check your blog out.

    Megan - I think you would love Teachers, although as I said to Kari, give season 4 a miss, it lost it.