Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Friday!

Things that are making me happy today

Mango and strawberry with a squeeze of lime - mmmmmm.

Sunny skies and the promise of a hot weekend.

Jeans!  Dresses are fantastic but yay for jeans.

My new super comfy Joanne Mercer shoes.

Finding a mini mars bar in my desk drawer (although only the wrapper now remains as evidence!).

I hope you are having a happy Friday too.


  1. Those things would all make me happy too :) In fact, they did make me happy on reading them. Sometimes the small things are the best.

  2. I want summer back! Or at least a mini Mars :) Have a fantastic weekend.

  3. Ah, jeans. For me they are a medieval torture device. I am always impressed by those can find comfort in wearing them!

  4. Oh, how I miss Joanne Mercer. Nothing over here quite compares.

  5. Those strawberries look so good - now I'm hungry!

  6. 28 degrees right now, wooooooot! And yay for summer fruits!

  7. Kari - my secret to happiness really is paying attention to the good small stuff. It happens every day, you just need to look for it.

    the taupe - a mini mars might be easier, but you know with global warming you might get both your wishes!

    Z - my mother can't wear dresses, she finds them uncomfortable! I guess it takes all types.

    Felicia - you will just have to come over and visit us won't you!

    Megan - I'm seriously close to overdosing on strawberries, so today I'm evening it out with more mango and blueberries!

    Hannah - I'm loving this hot weather. S is melting a bit but bring it on I say (until I start writing blog entries in praise of airconditioning)