Friday, November 18, 2011

Vaguing Out

I love a funny t-shirt.  But is it just me or do the boys get all the good ones?  I don't know if it is because the words/pictures end up over our boobs, but more often than not girls "funny" t-shirts seem to lean towards the slutty side of the humour spectrum.

There are a couple of great websites that do feature genuinely funny t-shirts for women, however I've also found that those seem to end up being on high necked, non-fitted t-shirts.  The kind of thing that as amusing as it is, I would never wear.

As  result I generally continue to admire the t-shirts of my male friends while wearing unadorned ones myself.  The exception to the rule is my hot pink Mambo t-shirt.  I think the genius lies in the fact that the font and layout are just exactly like a Vogue cover and with only one letter different in the main word, I've had many people see me in it for a considerable period of time before they actually absorb what it says.

The other thing is that it is so perfect for me.  My ability to vague out is pretty well universally acknowledged - to the point where this t-shirt was actually bought for me by my mother.  I love the reaction that it gets and that the bonus that it is a really flattering cut.  So well done Mambo, feel free to make more genuinely funny and flattering t-shirts for women.

P.S. Can I just add that it is surprisingly hard to take a photo of your own top?  However I did feel that asking one of my male colleagues to take a photo of my chest might just be deemed inappropriate office behavior.


  1. lol love it! i should get one for my friend who always refers to Vogue and Vague! :P

  2. Iron Chef Shellie - unfortunately it is a couple of years old. I think I will be wearing it till the writing has faded and it is falling apart at the seams though!

  3. Love it! Though I didn't realise until you said it that it was a play on Vogue. Clearly I'm not very up on Fashion :P

  4. I think it's definitely best that you managed to take this photo yourself :D

    I find t-shirts similarly bland for women - and I struggle with the concept of paying quite a lot of money for a plain fitted t-shirt. This one looks great!

  5. I can't think of the designer right now, but I recently saw a women's tee with "I will cheat on you" written across the front! Is it just me, or would any woman really wear that?! Not a good idea if you're looking for a man!

    I have one that says "I have my own money".. which my boyfriend thinks is hilarious...because I don't!

  6. Hannah - I know it is the Vogue logo, only because I look at them in airport newsagents and wonder why on earth someone would pay so much for a magazine - that is till I'm so bored that I buy it.

    Kari - I know! You wouldn't think making a decent fitting t-shirt would cost so much, but apparently only expensive brands can do it.

    Famously Frocked - that is what I'm talking about. Honestly, who wants that on their t-shirt. I love yours though.