Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Accidents

Sometimes a random series of events occur that result in a happy accident.

I usually have a handful of nuts as my morning tea.  Generally I'm careful to select raw, or at least unsalted nuts but a super sale price led to an impluse buy of some delicious salted cashews.  Because I'm useless at stopping eating nuts if I have them straight from the packet I always put them in a little dish for portion control.

My other usual snack is some form of chocolate mid-afternoon.  At the moment I'm completely in love with these freeze dried, chocolate covered blueberries.  Anyway, again I could easily eat a whole packet in one sitting, so I poured out a few into the dish which had previously held my cashews - and in which remained remnants of the salt - resulting in salted chocolate blueberries.

We all know salt is a flavour enhancer but I often forget how it can enhance sweets.  All I can say is salted chocolate blueberries are incredibly addictive.  Never fear I'm not going to suddenly end up with a salt addiction but it did remind me that I should experiment a bit more with the interesting ways that you can enhance flavours.


  1. I have a similar, nutty addiction, so every morning I carefully place 10 almonds in a little container with me to take to work. I don't even let myself buy salted cashews or peanuts anymore, because I know I'll try and eat the whole bag in one sitting and make myself sick. Total lack of self-control.

    However, I absolutely cannot resist lemon and salt roasted pistachios from my mother's country. They are just the best.

  2. Ooh. I can picture this and my imagination is suggesting it would be very good! I love those chocolate blueberries and now want to get a pack just to try the salt twist :P A happy accident indeed.

  3. Z - I have made myself sick eating a whole bag of nuts on more than one occassion. And I really must not buy salted nuts, they are just too morish!

    Kari - I get them from a health food store (hence they must be healthy). They are well worth seeking out.

  4. Oh yes, I have a bit of a problem with nuts in that regard. In fact, the nuts I just posted? I haven't made them since March because when I made a batch for myself, I ate them all in two days and felt mighty sick afterwards.

    On a more positive note, yes, salt and chocolate and sweets are perfect!

  5. Hannah - I wonder what it is about nuts that encourages us to eat till we are queasy! I actually don't really eat macadamias because I so overdosed on them when I was a teenager. Oh well, I guess it says a lot for portion control.