Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shopping lessons I've learned

If you haven't worked it out by now, I love clothes, shoes and all those many varied accessories.  So it is therefore probably not surprising that I also love shopping.  I'm not really one of those people who can shop for endless hours, I prefer brief encounters with the shopping centre, an hour or two and I'm done.  Still that has resulted in me coming to learn a number of important lessons over the years.  They include:

If you aren't quite sure about something you've tried on and are wishing you had someone there to give you a second opinion - it isn't right, don't buy it.

The only size 10 shoes that end up on sale are truly ugly.  If you love the pretty shoes that are miraculously in stock, buy them, they won't last till sale time.

If you didn't buy something but you keep thinking about it - go back and get it.

And finally

If you find something that fits really well, is flattering and comfortable - buy it in all the colours.

I'm still learning this one, gosh I wish I'd bought more pairs of my perfect fitting black pants.  But I am learning so today I went and bought a second pair of the truly fantastically comfortable ballet flats that S bought me for my birthday.  He got them for me in cream, I now have them in black and they are seriously so comfy it is almost like wearing slippers - slippers that are office appropriate!

What shopping lessons have you learnt?


  1. Ooh which brand are these super comfy flats?

  2. Oops, should have listed that! They are Joanne Mercer and the style is Fauna. Very, very soft leather, just gorgeous. I'm really hoping they bring them out in more colours than just black and cream. Fingers crossed for red as my red ballet flats are almost dead.

  3. I really need to work on your last point. With shoes (I find a lot give me unexpected blisters) and pants (I'm 5'11" so it can be tricky!) especially. The problem is that I often don't know until I've worn something for a while whether it will be a wonder purchase or a dud...but when I do realise I should head straight back to the shop and try and stock up!

  4. Kari I'm exactly the same, 5'11" and prone to blisters! When I get shoes now I make sure I wear them quite a bit straight away so that I can repurchase if they are good ones.

  5. Great advice! :) I definitely thank my lucky stars when I have the self-control to 'sleep on it' when I want something, because honestly 80% of the time I change my mind or realise why it's not perfect by the next day.

  6. Elyse, I also find that I often get home and realise I already have something quite similar in my wardrobe! Mind you I'm due for a big cleanup, actually a whole of house declutter really needs to happen!