Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Today is theoretically the middle of summer.  I say theoretically because with the wind chill factor it is around 4 degrees at the moment and snow has been predicted in the high country.  Only a few days ago I had bare arms and strappy shoes, today I've dug out a scarf and stockings.  It really is proving to be a strange summer.

But the change in weather which saw me reach into a different part of my wardrobe, also inspired me to have a better look in my jewellery box.

I don't know about you, but I tend the wear the same accessories a lot.  It is easy, I don't have to think, I just grab the same few things and go with them.  However today, I wanted to wear something different, not just go with a full on winter outfit - after all even if the temperature doesn't agree, it is summer!

I ended up choosing a necklace and earrings that used to belong to my mother to go with my long sleeved dress.  They aren't a set, but the colours and the design work really well together and with my scarf from Peru.  It isn't expensive jewellery but wearing something my Mum used to wear always makes me feel a bit special.  It also reminded me that I'm lucky enough to have a heap of accessories and that I really should wear them all more often!

Are you the same?  Do you get stuck in a clothing/accessory rut?  And how do you like to mix it up?


  1. Love the way those earrings and scarf look together! A very summery touch to this weirdly wintery day. Melbourne's looking at its coldest summer day for years and we have snow predicted for the mountains as well. Very weird, particularly after so many spring-like days over winter.

    I have been completely stuck in a clothing and accessory rut for months and months now. Late last year I actually set myself a challenge to wear a different pair of earrings each day for a week and then followed that with a week of different necklaces. It really inspired me to think each morning about what I'm wearing. Hopefully I can carry that through to the clothes soon.

    (good grief that became long quickly!)

  2. I'm the same. Don't have a lot of costume type jewellery but I have some good stuff. Managed to wear something to work each day this week :-)

  3. Such a beautiful set, Lisa!

    It's always special wearing something that belonged to your mum.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  4. CheezyK - I love that idea of wearing a different pair of earrings every day. I could definitely do that, I have a crazy amount of jewellery.

    Miss Directions - well done! I realise that I rarely wear my costume stuff but lots of it is gorgeous vintage stuff from my grandmothers. Must remember to get it out more often.

    SSG - Thank you and I agree. I often think about the various people whose jewellery I've inherited or been given. They are thought of every time a piece is worn.

  5. Yes, this weather is complete bull. Pretty baubles and jewels definitely needed.

  6. My tendency is to forget I have accessories at all. In winter I wear scarves a lot, but I hardly wear any other jewelry or the few summer-y scarves I own! I need to try harder.

    On a weather note, I kind of wish we were having cold weather. 34'C isn't very hot for summer but it's still a tad warmer than I would like.

  7. Hannah - it is so weird. I'm going to go home and find a tracksuit to put on!

    Kari - you don't want this, it is like some weird late winter/early spring, cold yet humid. Just yuck.

  8. What gorgeous jewelry! And I'm the same way, I'll wear the same jewelry for months on end, though I'm trying to get better!

  9. Megan - that said I went looking for one of my regular necklaces this morning and couldn't find it. I think the lesson is I actually need to be more organised.

  10. Sounds like a gorgeous match. I'm not majorly into fashion but I do occasionally like to look nice. ;) And a trick to get out of a rut is to get something I haven't worn for awhile (or bought ages ago and rarely/never wore) and work it!