Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia Day!  For my few international readers, Australia Day marks the day the first fleet landed in Sydney Cove.  It is a bit of a controversial date because for the native people it is essentially invasion day, but moving on from that, Australia Day is a day to celebrate our nation and all that is great about being an Aussie.

As I wrote last year, Australia Day is extra special for me as it is the wedding anniversary of my dear friends (who picked this day, then promptly moved overseas so they don't even get the public holiday - I'm sure that will one day change).  However another important part of Australia Day each year for me, is taking the time to reflect on all the great things about this country.

I've said it before, but to live a life where I do not fear for my safety when going about my everyday business, where education and health care are affordable and where I am not limited in my opportunities based on gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or political beliefs is a true privilege.  I relish in the fact that I can safely drink the water from the tap.  I love that when I step outside the air is clean.  While obesity is an issue, there are not children starving to death on the streets.  I have the right to elect the politicians of my choice and if they do not represent me, I have the freedom to protest their decisions.  There are so many aspects of life that we take for granted here and I think it is important that we realise just what luck and privilege it is to live in Australia.

So today, while I celebrate Australia Day with family, friends and a BBQ, I will also be reflecting on just how lucky I am to live in this truly beautiful country.


  1. I like your stance on this. Australia Day should be about more than a public holiday, some fireworks, and a division of people based on whether we should be celebrating at all. Australia is lucky in many ways and we do need to remind ourselves of that - I don't do it enough (especially as I've spent much of the last week complaining about the heat!). Enjoy your celebrations :)

    1. Thanks Kari, I had a lovely day enjoying much of the best of what this country has to offer - prawns, lamb, pavolva, (lots of) wine and brilliant company.