Thursday, January 5, 2012

Regaining Balance

The last couple of weeks have been a festival of food.  Delicious, special meals.  All the good stuff that you save for treats.  There were helpings twice normal size, double serves of dessert, snack food galore - all washed down by liters of wine and soft drink.  It was oh so good and oh so bad at the same time.

So now my body is rebelling.  It is over the richness.  I have an endless supply of chocolate on hand but all I want is veggies.  So last night I whipped up a massive veggie stirfry.  Oh those delicious, nutritious bites.  With a simple sauce of ginger, garlic, chilli and soy it was exactly what I needed.  I could feel my stomach rejoicing as I practically inhaled the colourful, flavourful and nutritional meal.

And then I ate Hannah's Raspberry Whip - well we wouldn't want to send my body into some kind of health shock would we?


  1. haha I feel exactly the same... like I had a week-long bender of food and drink! blah. I only started eating better yesterday but already I feel so much better for it, and am looking forward to a lentil salad for lunch :)

  2. Elyse - I agree, I felt so much better and lighter after that dinner. Today I have a pumpkin salad for lunch and have just eaten a handful of grapes - sooo good. There is nothing like a binge to remind me how yummy veggies are.

  3. Funny. I'm also craving veggies, but as soon as they're done I also head straight over to the chocolate. :P

  4. Yum, this food looks so delicious. I really like the veggies because I want to start eating more this year. :) Following you now


  5. This reminds me of my first post after getting back home - I definitely relate! Some chocolate is now creeping in with the vegetables, but that first dinner of 'real' food was pretty wonderful.

    Amusingly, too, that first dinner sounds pretty similar to what yours ended up being - tofu and rice noodle salad followed by banana raspberry 'ice cream' :D

  6. Love those heels.. I can see why you get comments on them.. Gorgeous and so colourful!

    I started back at 'cleaner/better' eating early in the week and feel much better for it.. My body craved it!!

  7. Kari - we all need balance in our diets and as far as I'm concerned chocolate is an important balancing tool! But yes, the veggies are great.

    Jodes - thanks, they are great shoes. And good on you for getting back on the good eating bandwagon.

  8. Mmmm looks like the perfect way to regain balance! & yay a to Hannah's whip!
    Heidi xo