Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holiday Traditions - Part 2

Recently S and I were doing some tidying, trying to declutter.  "What is in this box?" he asked.  "Easter decorations" I replied.  With that he gave me a look that in one glance said, "I'm never quite going to understand this obsession with decorating the house for religious festivals that you don't follow and filling it with extra things that require dusting and storage".

What can I say, I love pretty things and I have some very pretty Easter eggs (plus I'm the one that does the dusting).  I love to fill an old silver bowl with the eggs that I've inherited, collected or been given over the years.  My favourites are the intricately painted Russian looking ones.  They are just gorgeous and so detailed.  They have come from all over the place but Oxfam does seem to have them most years.

I also have a number of cute little fluffy yellow chicks scattered about, and somewhere in the house (although we couldn't find where we put them during the tidying) there is a pair of mechanical bunnies that dance to Mambo Number 5.  Not sure how Easter-y they really are, but they sure were an amazing find by my mother last year.

Of course, decorations would not be complete without a bowl of Cadbury solid milk chocolate mini eggs.  Their rainbow coloured foil wrappers have been a part of Easter for as long as I can remember.  Whether or not you rate Cadbury chocolate as edible or not, you can't knock the decorating aspects of a pretty foil wrapper.

Do you decorate for Easter?  And if you do, do people consider you as crazy as my partner considers me?


  1. I will just put those Cadbury eggs in a pretty glass bowl or tray - although the bag I bought are already all gone!!

    1. That is the problem with edible decorations, they tend to get eaten!

  2. You may have guessed that I'd enjoy that first paragraph :D Very funny. I love your decorations - I don't have any but my Mum does and I will confess that she is sometimes made fun of too. We used to blow out egg shells and decorate those as children and I did always enjoy that.