Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Flox Tights

Check out my "normal" opaque tights.
(Not the best photo - it is hard taking a picture of your legs.)
Other than a random week in November and my time in Adelaide over Christmas, I don't feel like I had a real summer.  Scorching days were pretty much non-existent.  My power bill was the lowest it has ever been owing to the lack of air conditioning use.  So you would think that the change into winter weather would be easy.  But somehow I'm struggling this year.  I keep finding myself not quite warmly enough dressed, particularly at work.  I've had too many days of cold feet so today I brought out the big guns - my Flox tights.

I discovered Flox tights last year.  They are the holy grail - fleecy lined tights.  Yes you read that right.  Some genius managed to merge tracksuit pants with opaque tights and the result is awesome.  They aren't quite as warm as thermal leggings, but they are close and they look exactly like normal opaque tights so no one will know your secret to staying warm.

They do have a slight tendency to pill, so you need to be careful with your handwashing and they do stretch a bit over time - but people, they are fleecy lined tights, they are still awesome.

Apparently this year they are also selling footless tights.  This I don't understand.  Being someone with perpetually cold feet, why if it is cold you would not want your feet covered is beyond me.  But if that is your thing, the option is there.

So if like me, you insist on continuing to wear dresses through winter I highly recommend Flox!  You can buy them here on their website.

This review is all my own opinion, I am not in anyway connected with Flox, other than through my now toasty warm legs.


  1. What a brilliant idea. I rarely wear tights / skirts / dresses in winter for the very reason that my legs get cold. Also, it reminds me of my high school days when I wore tights all winter long and hated it. But! Fleecy lined tights are something else altogether - very cool indeed.

    1. Not cool - warm Kari! Oh I crack myself up with my own hilariousness. They are fab, so much better than normal tights. I hope they start making them in some other colours, but for the moment, they are keeping me toasty.

  2. Replies
    1. I agree Farmer's Wife. Somehow the world is always a better place when you have warm feet.