Friday, May 4, 2012


I am generally very good about bringing my lunch to work.  Not only does it save me a lot of money (where I work you are very lucky to get change from $10 for lunch) but it also helps me get in my 5 serves of veggies a day.  In summer I eat a wide range of salads.  In winter it is usually veggie soups, ratatouille with cous cous or a veggie curry of some sort.

However, every now and then, often on a Friday when my brain has run out of the energy needed to remind me to bring something with me, I buy lunch.

On those days I am almost paralysed by the choices available.  I've worked in the same street for almost 15 years (although for different companies and in different buildings, crazy I know) and in that time we have gone from one grubby takeaway and one nice sandwich shop to a plethora of choices.  You can get everything from gourmet sandwiches, to sushi, dumplings, pasta, the standard chinese and greasy chips, etc.  So it is a big decision.

Today I went with Turkish.  Delicious fluffy rice, topped with chicken and a side salad.  Actually surprisingly healthy for a takeaway lunch option.  And so delicious.  I ate well beyond what I needed to, but it is hard when it is so yummy.  Time for a walk around the block I think!


  1. I wish I was as organised as you with lunches - I so badly want lunch to be where I get a lot of vegetables, but if I don't have dinner leftovers it doesn't always happen that way! I tend to take food, but sometimes it's rather random. One of the lovely things about taking your lunch most of the time is that the bought options are much nicer when they happen - it sounds like you had a lovely tasty reward in this Turkish one!

    1. The secret I find is to cook a big batch of stuff and freeze lunch sized portions. The real secret would be if I remembered far enough in advance that I didn't spend every lunch at the microwave defrosting it for ages.