Monday, May 14, 2012

Museli Parfait

We had a delightful Mother's Day brunch yesterday.  Mum isn't into big cooked breakfasts so we had croissants, apple and blackberry shortbread cake (this recipe, but with a half apple filling) and museli parfaits.

I would love to claim that I invented this, but I didn't.  The idea came from the Canberra institution that is Milk and Honey.  My version used my home made muesli, creamy vanilla yoghurt and rhubarb compote.  It is so simple to make, just assembly really.  In a pretty glass layer compote, muesli and yoghurt, topping with some flaked almonds.  It is such a pretty, tasty and healthy breakfast, a winner all round really.

You could use any kind of stewed fruit but Mum and I are big fans of rhubarb.  Its tangy flavour and pretty colour is the perfect accompaniment for muesli, custard, icecream, so many things really.  I know it divides the masses, but if you are a fan, here is my recipe for rhubarb compote.

Rhubarb Compote
1 bunch rhubarb, leaves and ends removed, chopped into 4-5 cm lengths
2 granny smith apples, peeled, cored and cut into small pieces
half a lemon
sugar to taste

Place your rhubarb and apple in a saucepan.  Squeeze the lemon over, then add the lemon half.  Add sugar to taste, I usually start with 2 dessertspoons, then taste when it is almost cooked.

Heat over a medium temperature, stirring frequently so it doesn't stick until the rhubarb has mostly broken down and the apple has become soft.  Remove the lemon, and serve warm or cool with anything you like!

This compote is also great with pear and orange juice instead of apple and lemon - just reduce the sugar.


  1. What a pretty breakfast - and now you have convinced me I do actually like muesli (secretly!) because I would definitely eat this for dessert! Or as a snack. Just not, in all likelihood, at breakfast :P

    1. Using muesli as a crumble topper was my gateway to the wonder that is this tasty breakfast! But now you have mentioned it, this would be an awesome dessert.

  2. I love a parfait - so stunning to look at! How lovely to have this for Mother's Day!
    Heidi xo