Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Goodbye Paris, Hello London

In an attempt to at least pretend to be eating healthily, we have been having muesli for breakfast.  However in a brilliant piece of timing it ran out yesterday meaning we had to visit the local boulangerie for breakfast today.

For those of you coming to Paris, look out for boulangeries.  If it just says boulanger, or nothing at all, it most likely means that they buy their dough in ready made and just bake it, or buy the baked good from a mass manufacturer.  If it says boulangerie, you know that there is an actual baker on the premises who has made the goods from scratch.

We had a croissant buerre (a straight croissant made with butter, vs a curved one made with margarine), a pain aux raisin (snail shape with raisins) and a pain aux chocolate (chocolate croissant).  They were so yummy.  Topped off with the leftover raspberries and cherries from yesterday it was a perfect final meal in Paris.

We set off for the Eurostar, made our way through customs, and were confronted by a giant queue of people.  It turned out that a previous train had 'an incident with a person on the train line' and there were delays.  Long, long delays.  Roughly 3 hours of sitting on the floor of a crowded train station we made our way on.

From there it was a fairly seemless journey.  In regards to my Dad's question about what the tunnel look like, it is long and black! I slept a lot of the way, it was a quiet journey and we were soon in London.  Oyster cards were purchased and in no time at all, we were at my best friend's house.  It is so gorgeous to be with friends on the other side of the world.

The journey may not have been as planned but we have arrived and London awaits!

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