Saturday, June 30, 2012

London markets and a bit of modern art

Food called today in London.  After a morning hanging out with friends, we headed to the borough markets.  Situated right in the middle of London, just next to London Bridge, the Borough Markets are a fantastic mix of fresh fruit, veggies and meat and cooked things ready to eat.

We wandered the stalls till we found the toasted cheese sandwhiches that we had been told were a must.  They were brilliant.  Packed full of delicious cheese and an onion and spring onion mix.  They reminded S of Welsh rarebit and it disappeared in no time at all.

We continued through, tasting all sorts of delicious delights until we came across the fish and chips stand.  Fish and chips were my must eat thing in the UK, so we stopped in and I got a piece of cod and chips.  They were great.  S who doesn't eat fish even didn't mind the cod and we thought the chips were better than Heston's last night!  All in all a perfect fish and chips experience.

Absolutely stuffed we headed to the Tate Modern for a bit of culture.  It is a very new museum and I enjoyed many of the exhibits but modern art isn't really S's cup of tea.

We visited the markets again on our way back, this time to stock up for dinner that we are cooking our friends.  It might sound like a quiet day but it has been just lovely.

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  1. Quiet sounds appropriate after your whirlwind outings of late. Interesting to hear your thoughts on the Tate Modern, too; we went 3 years ago and liked it, but I think were the opposite to you and S (modern art isn't really my cup of tea!).