Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tourists, Sleep and Food

It seemed a remarkably short time after we went to bed that we got up this morning.  Still we headed out, back to the area we had been last night, Montmatre.

At the very top of Montamtre sits the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur - the church of the sacred heart.  It is a gorgeous building with a fantastic view.  Inside many of the domes are covered with amazing mosaics (no photography allowed though) and those without a fear of heights - i.e. not me - can even climb onto the roof and see the dome close up.

The area however is a tourist mecca and the streets were thronging with people and kitch souvenir sellers.  On the way back down we headed a few streets over and had a much more pleasant time roaming the quiet streets lined with some lovely boutiques.  There are times when the tourists do rather spoil Paris (says this tourist).

We ate a custard and chocolate croissant type thing, I see nothing wrong with eating pastries for lunch and saw these funny drinks in a window.


Plans were made for the afternoon but the very late night and the still present sleep debt from the flight won out.  It is sometimes hard to stop being on the go when you are traveling and want to see so much of a city but it was very necessary and we felt much better for it.

We had dinner at a local restaurant.  The one we had been recommended was closed (surprisingly a lot of places were closed on a Saturday) but we found somewhere nearby and had a nice if unexceptional meal.  I think it will be another early night to set us up for our last day in Paris.


  1. I've had friends say the same thing as you, the best places in Paris are the streets where mostly locals roam. Please send me one of those drinks. They're so cute!
    On a random note, I've given you a Beautiful Blogger award. CONGRATS :)

    1. Thank you Kim! I will answer it when I'm back from this trip in a couple of weeks. Oh and the shop wasn't open so we couldn't try the drinks :( .