Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award

While we were in Paris, Kim from A Dag's Life (a cute quirky blog well worth a visit) nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger award and I promised to respond when I got back.  First of all a big thank you to Kim, it is just lovely to have someone think I have a beautiful blog!  I'm very aware that we have now been back for nearly a month (eek how did that happen) but I've finally found time to sit down and think about this so here goes.  In response to my award I need to share seven random facts about myself with you all, they are:

1.  If I could have any talent in the world I would love to be able to sing.  I sing very softly to S (who by some miracle actually likes it) and loudly to myself in the car.  But I'm fooling no one, this is not a voice for sharing.

2.  My favourite colour is blue and yet most of the contents of my house seem to be red.  No idea how that happened.  Still all my favourite jewellery pieces contain sapphires, so I guess I've got my priorities right.

3.  I love scary movies that feature zombies / vampires / supernatural themes etc.  But anything involving humans doing horrible things to each other, particularly those that are filmed in a documentary style - Wolf Creek and The Strangers I'm looking at you - will give me nightmares for weeks.

4.  I think cheese is food of the gods.

5.  I make my own muesli mix.  This started because S thought it would be cheaper - it isn't because I put all sorts of expensive ingredients in but it is yummy and much healthier than the mass produced versions.

6.  I have the most amazingly wonderful group of friends who are way too cool for me.  I wonder if they will figure out that I'm the dag in the mix one day.

7.  I don't drink coffee, but I love tea.  I would drink somewhere between 4-8 cups in an average day.

Now I am meant to nominate 7 blogs that I think are beautiful.  Recipients, feel free to do the list of 7 things or not, I'm just happy that my readers can find some more beautiful blogs to visit.

The CROWN Project - a project sharing stories of personal growth and resilience from amazing women.

Alexandrea Nea The Art of Afternoon Tea - gorgeous hand drawn illustrations accompany yummy recipes

Best of Fates - awesome tales of awkwardness 

Lovely Jublies - Z has the most fabulous style and truly covetable shoe collection - plus she is hilarious

An Accident of Hope - Summer Pierre does the most amazing illustrated one page stories.

Super Kawaii Mama - I can only hope that I can ever look even half as glamorous as Candice DeVille on an off day.

Joy the Baker - for her stunningly beautiful food photos, delicious recipes and oh so honest writing.


  1. I didn't know some of these things about you - congratulations on the aware and this was very fun to read :)

  2. Congrats on the award fro your beautiful blog! :)

    Cheese IS the food of Gods.

    I used to make my own muesli too, then I realised with all the yummy additives I was putting in that it was starting to get high sugar with all the fruit etc and less muesli! Now I just mix oats and sultanas with a bit of LSA for my breakfast bircher!

    1. My first batch of muesli was exactly like that. These days I add a heap of seeds like peppitas and linseeds along with a handful of chopped whole almonds to my oats and bran and only put in a scattering of sultanas and dried cranberries. I love all the different textures as well as the taste.

  3. Thank you Blithe spirit, Lisa for the nom! I really appreciate it! xoxoxo

    1. You are most welcome, I love reading your blog and your one page stories are just inspired.

  4. Thank you Lisa for the nomination! Totally concur with your statement that cheese is the food of the Gods. xx

    1. You are most welcome, your drawings are always a delight to me.

  5. Hi Lisa!
    Thanks for the mention :)
    And ditto about the cheese. I could eat kgs of the stuff.