Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I've written before that exercise for exercise's sake is never going to be something that excites me.  Other than dance, pretty much any other kind of exercise is a chore.  But I love to eat, and I love my clothes, and without exercise in the mix, those two things are not compatible.

So each weekday morning I rise early and do 30 - 60 minutes of zumba or pilates or walking to keep the weight at bay.  The alarm is never greeted with joy.  No matter how early I went to bed, 6.30am rolls around too soon.  I struggle out of bed, driven on only be the knowledge that as a result of the exercise, I will be able to eat dessert tonight.

But then, in the early morning stillness I put on some soft music and I stretch and warm up.  I move my limbs in a long practiced routine which takes my body from sleep to wake.  Knots from the previous day's many desk hours are freed.  Limbs extended, I move, almost without thought, slowly waking, till I feel limber.

I subscribe to the policy that a half arsed workout is better than a no workout at all, so not all mornings have the same intensity of exercise.  But even when my heart is really not in it I still find myself doing my full range of stretches.  If I do miss a stretch session I really notice the difference during the day.  I feel somehow cramped within my body.

So while I may not enjoy the whole getting up early and exercising activity, I have found a place of peace within it and I'm better, in mind and body, for it.


  1. I agree re: morning exercise (...not that it seems to be helping my weight any.) I always feel better after I've dragged myself out of bed and gone to the gym. Seems counterintuitive, but the more I exercise, the more energy I have.

    1. I do agree about exercise increasing energy. I'm impressed you go to the gym, any exercise that involves leaving the house (other than for a walk) definitely requires more motivation than I have. Most of the time I exercise in my pjs!

  2. I feel the same way about the benefits of exercise - I am a much better person with it, and certainly a lot calmer. I am fortunate to enjoy the process of it (most of the time anyway!) as well as the after-math but still agree that morning comes around way too fast when you exercise then. I wouldn't swap it though - night time just wouldn't give the same perks to me!

    I'm glad you've hit on a calm and peaceful morning routine in your part of the country :)

  3. Ugh, exercise ... I get enough of that pushing the clutch pedal down when I'm driving.

  4. Great work, lady. Your body and mind will thank you for pushing through - so important to stay active!! & yes, any activity is good!! I love it as my 'me' time. Love getting a walk in, getting into nature. I adore the mornings & usually am in bed early enough so that an early start is welcome :) I'd take the morning over the night any day!
    Heidi xo