Thursday, January 3, 2013

Everything in its place

Yesterday S went back to work.  I however have a blissful extra three days of holidays.  After a super busy year it would not seem unreasonable to spend those days lazing about, but I just cannot do it.  If I want to relax and do nothing I have to go away, at home there is always stuff to do.

I've already taken down all the Christmas decorations, packing them away into their boxes, carefully storing them to be brought out again next Christmas.  That process is always a little sad, putting away the glitter and sparkle that make the house so pretty all December.  And yet when it is done the house somehow looks extra neat and spacious which is enjoyable in itself.

I've also done a few hard gardening sessions.  The poor garden has suffered with the super hot weather and particularly with us being away not doing any watering.  But now that I've mowed, weeded, pruned and swept it all looks so much neater and tidier, if still a little crispy around the edges.

We did a big spring clean just a few months ago so the house is pretty good, but I've still managed to find things to tidy, work clothes to wash and mend, just generally stuff to do.

When I think back to my younger self a few days of cleaning, tidying and organising would have seemed like torture but it is now one of my favourite January activities.  Somehow a good big cleaning session puts me in the right frame of mind to get stuck into a year of work.  Having everything clean and organised makes me feel calm about the challenges to come.  All in all I know that by the time I hit the office next Monday I will feel refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to get stuck into the year ahead and happy about the clean and tidy house I know I have waiting for me at the end of the day.

Do you do a new year's tidy - or am I heading into crazy cleaning lady land?


  1. I have just packed up our Christmas stuff. The house looks much less sparkly but definitely more spacious and dare I say it tasteful!

    Glad you had a great Christmas though and enjoy your "quiet" days.

    1. Thanks A Farmer's Wife. I'm loving these quiet days.

  2. I am exactly the same Lisa! I took our Christmas decorations down today and the last few days have been full of cleaning, to my joy (how sad does that sound?!). I have yet to clean the inside of the fridge so we'll see if I get to that...

    Enjoy this quiet time and the feeling of contentment that comes from ticking lots of things off :)

    1. Now I've got stuck in I feel I could happily clean for another week Kari! What a pity work has to intervene.