Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Icy Poles

If you live anywhere in Australia you will be all to aware of the heatwave we are experiencing.  A cool change has come through today in Canberra, it is only 29.  Yesterday was 37 with strong winds.  The heat, wind, smoke and dust in the air were eerily similar to the scene 10 years ago before the major Canberra bushfires.  It had my hackles up, I felt tetchy and uncomfortable all day, obsessively watching the emergency warnings and scanning the skies.

The hot weather will be with us again by the weekend.  If it isn't accompanied by the wind I will be alright.  I actually quite like the heat.  Sure 37 is getting a bit excessive, but aside from when it is associated with bushfire inducing winds, I enjoy the heat.  Actually let me get more specific, I enjoy dry heat (humidity is the devil's plaything) when I have ready access to an airconditioned house, office and car to provide relief when I need it.  So basically I enjoy brief moments of heat on the journey between airconditioned spaces.  I know, I am a wimp.

But I will say that I really enjoy lots of the things that the heat allows me to do.  I get to wear my new sandals, showing off prettily painted toenails.  I get to wear shorts and skirts and dresses without tights, showing off luminously white legs.  And I get to eat my fill of icy poles, frosty fruits and all manner of frozen confection.  Surely a heatwave is bearable if you can spend it eating icy poles.

How are you surviving the heatwave? And have you been enjoying any frozen treats recently?


  1. You may smile when you see my latest post - it has been icey treats here too ;) I hope you stay clear of fires Lisa, the warnings and NSW situation have been terrifying.

    1. Clearly this weather is turning everyone's thoughts to the freezer! Canberra is pretty ok fire wise at the moment but my parents have had issues trying to get back to Canberra because of closed roads. Fingers crossed the highway reopens today.