Saturday, March 23, 2013

A perfect day for a stroll

Argh, sorry about the break in transmission, getting the whole work/life/blogging balance sorted is taking some time.  My new job is great but full on and my brain has been very focused on it.  Add to that a fair bit of travel associated with the work, a nasty head cold (all better now) and blogging has had to take a back seat for a little while.

With such busy weeks, getting outside and exercising has also been suffering but today seemed a perfect day to remedy that.  There is a reason why March is wedding month in Canberra.  It is known for long warm days with perfectly blue skies.  Add in the changing leaves and you have a stunning backdrop.  Today was one of those days and as soon as I got up I knew I wanted to go for a nice long walk.

S brilliantly suggested that we walk over to my parents.  It is a decent walk with a steep hill involved so just the exercise we both needed and stopping by Mum and Dad's meant we got an excellent cup of coffee at our pit stop.

It was just a divine day for a nice long walk.  Warm enough to comfortably power along wearing a t-shirt without getting all sweaty, the first of the changing leaves to admire and the air fresh and clean.  Not to mention a great chance to drop in and have a chat with Mum and Dad.  We got home and agreed we need to do this more often.

All in all, a thoroughly lovely way to spend a Saturday morning.


  1. Wow, aside from the travel part that first sentence could basically have been me! Good luck with the new job, hope things settle into a comfortable rhythm for you soon.

  2. Your walk sounds lovely and your weather is just what I love about this time of year - I suspect Perth's version is a bit different but I love it too.

    On the time side of things, I've come to accept that if you blog around other things (and most of us do!), there will be times it has to take a back seat - and that's ok. I hope you do get more time soon though :)