Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trifle the step by step guide

Well clearly that chocolate trifle was great because S requested it again to take to a BBQ this weekend which allowed me to actually get a proper photo of it, rather than of the massacred remains in a glass!

But as I made it, it occurred to me that maybe everyone doesn't have extensive trifle experience and so possibly some step by step instructions on trifle making might be in order.  The following instructions are based on the chocolate trifle recipe but would be applicable to any standard trifle recipe.

I've seen recipes for trifle which involve baking a cake, making custard from scratch, creating your own jelly.  It might be all well and good to do that, but for me a trifle is made of unbranded, standard supermarket ingredients.  In reality making a trifle is more about assembly than cooking but it is the combination of great flavours in attractive layers that makes this such a hit.

To assemble your trifle you ideally need a bowl that will really show the layers off to their best aspect.  If you have a bowl with a nice flat bottom and straightish sides that is perfect.

Layer the cake over the bottom of the bowl, drizzle with the liquor and top with the fruit.  Carefully pour the jelly over (ideally let the jelly get to warm or just room temperature so you don't melt the filling in the roll but it should still be liquid so it soaks right in).  Let it set.

When you make the custard you are going to need to let it get cool before you put it over the jelly layer but it will form a skin if you leave it open to the air.  Instead, put it in a bowl and cover it with plastic wrap but so that the wrap is actually touching the custard.  This will prevent the skin forming when you refrigerate it.

While it needs to be cool, don't let your custard get completely cold because it will get really firm then and hard to spread out smoothly.  So put it in the fridge but check it and layer it on when it is only just slightly warm.

Finally when it is cool, top with a layer of cream and decorate with the fruit of your choice.  If you have the option, leave it for a day because the flavours meld and get better after a day or so.

Making a trifle is a bit time consuming but the result is delicious and feeds a crowd.  Love it.

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  1. Have never made a trifle, thanks for the step by step! Have missed reading your posts while I've been out of it. Perfect celebratory dish for Canberra's birthday, too ;)
    Heidi xo