Saturday, March 9, 2013

A surprise from the garden

This my friends is what happens when you have a weekend of rain followed by a week of sunshine and don't check the garden.  Yes that is a 30cm ruler.  I guess we are having some zucchini dishes this week!

Oh and I'm remaking the trifle so I promise some good photos plus a step by step guide to trifle assembly for those who have never had it, after all I was well in my 20s before I had my first trifle.


  1. Wow, that'd make one heck of a zucchini slice!

    1. I just weighed it, it is 1.65kg of zucchini. I think it is going to make several zucchini slices!

  2. That is one impressive zucchini! What a great discovery when you did get around to checking on things :)