Sunday, April 21, 2013


If there is one talent I could have, it would be the ability to sing.  At best I could be described as having a limited range.  More honestly I would probably be described as one of those people who just shouldn't sing.  The only person in the world who thinks I can sing is S.  I think it is a sign that love can not only make you blind, it can make you deaf!

Despite my vocal limitations I do love to sing, but I confine myself to belting it out in the car - with the radio up loud enough that even I can't hear how bad I sound!  The thing is that despite my vocal limitations I have an amazing memory for lyrics.  I was reminded of this today as I drove around the city with the radio on.  I was listening to one of those greatest hits type stations.  I must have been in the car for over 40 minutes but I knew every word to every song.  Imagine if I could actually sing in tune, I would be karaoke champion of the world!

While that is never going to happen, those song sessions in the car do make me very happy and I think I will remain a car singer for the rest of my days!

Can you sing? And where is your preferred place for a little vocal exercise?


  1. The car is definitely the best place to sing ... at least until you pull up to a red light and don't realise thee window is down ;)

    1. But it is awesome if you are singing along and notice the person in the next car is clearly singing along to the same song!

  2. I CANNOT sing a note ... but I also love belting it out in the car.

  3. I can't sing either, but do find singing to music in the car makes me feel a little like I can! I don't tend to belt things out though - more of a quiet restrained hum!