Friday, September 7, 2012

The Lipstick Index

There is a truism in marketing that when times are tough lipstick sales go up.  It is a phenomenon known as the lipstick index and mad as this might sound, there is actually some logic behind it.  The theory goes that when budgets are tight but women still want to give themselves a treat, they spend on the smallest luxury item they can find, i.e. a lipstick.  And it does make sense.  When you don't have $100 for a new pair of shoes, you probably can find $12 for a new lipstick or $9.95 in my case.

S and my trip to Europe this year was wonderful, but the timing was not ideal financially so we are now on what can only be described as a very tight budget.  I don't know about you, but when I'm not spending the world seems filled with desirable objects, much like it is full of yummy food if you are ever on a diet.  I have been very good at avoiding temptation however when a walk through a busy shopping centre left me feeling a bit blue about all the gorgeous things I can't afford right now, I decided to lash out and spoil myself with a new lipstick.

The colour is Alarm in the lasting finish range by Rimmel and I think it is an excellent day red.  Since attending charm school a few weeks ago I've been wearing lipstick a lot more but have not been happy with my reds.  They have all seemed a bit too much, more for an evening event.  This is perfect for the day and at under $10 it did give me a real lift.

Today's smile, brought to you by tight budgets and bargain lipstick!

What is your treat when you are on a tight budget?


  1. Coffee :) Although the rise from ~$3 to ~$4 (or more!) in Perth has put a bit of a dampener on that. It does seem very luxurious for little cost though, especially if you drink it at a cafe with a newspaper. I have to say one of the benefits of full-time work (other than actually having an income!) is that I am at shops less so see fewer appealing things...the downside is it's scarily easy to accumulate purchases on the occasions I do make it shopping. I sense we'll be on a budget after September too, so lipstick may become my thing...

    1. It is a good treat Kari. I've felt great all day with my lovely red lips! Have an awesome honeymoon. Europe will be so lovely and less full of crazed tourists than when we were there in July.