Monday, December 27, 2010

The making of a tradition

In my experience one doesn't generally set out to start a tradition. Rather traditions form when a well received good idea is repeated a few times. My family has many traditions including a great many centered around Christmas but possibly the most recent and one I definitely enjoy each year is second Christmas.

Second Christmas has many reasons for being. First and foremost it is a way of thanking those neighbours who keep a vigilant eye on our house while we are away. It is a chance to entertain (something we always enjoy) and the opportunity for a small family to cook a big Christmas meal that would otherwise never be eaten up.

The date of second Christmas moves but the menu is relatively static - seafood entree, roast turkey and pork (or ham) with all the trimmings followed by a mango and raspberry trifle all washed down with unseemly qualities of very good wine. Most years we get to enjoy entree on the deck but this year's cold snap drove us indoors. Still it made a roast dinner all the more welcome. Good food, wine and (most importantly) company made it a lovely evening.

We may not have intended to create a tradition when we first hosted this dinner but it sure it a great one that will no doubt continue for years to come.

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