Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Breaking the Ice

Winter is really getting stuck in this week.  Maximum temperatures in single figures, icy rain and gale force winds.  It is the kind of weather that makes you grateful for open fires, red wine, snuggly doonas and hot bowls of soup.

The other thing it makes me extremely grateful for is my collection of thermals.  A few years ago I was heading on holiday to South America during winter and knowing I would be facing some extremely cold temperatures, I thought I had better invest in some thermals.  I had visions of ugly, itchy, stripey garments, the kind of thing you would be mortified to have anyone know you own.  However somewhere along the way, thermals underwent a transformation and became gorgeous clothing items.

I favour Icebreaker.  A New Zealand brand, they have taken the softest, warmest merino wool and have transformed it into garments that are not only warm, they are beautiful on your skin and look great too!  They don't come cheap, I hang out for sales and even then I'm counting the cost but then along comes a day like today and I realise that they were worth every cent.

I woke this morning to the house pretty much rattling in the wind and opened the curtains to a spray of icy rain against the window.  At that point I seriously considered just turning around and getting straight back into bed.  But instead, I pulled out a pale lilac thermal top to layer under my blue and purple striped shirt.  I added a jacket, a coat and scarf but once out of the wind, found that my thermal was so effective at keeping me warm I didn't need the coat or scarf!

I think that Winter is a beautiful time of year, but I do enjoy it more when I'm feeling warm and comfortable so I think my thermals and I will be inseparable for the next couple of months!

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