Friday, July 8, 2011

Temptation - I can't resist

I'm very bad at saving money.  I fall foul of temptation regularly, the extra treat in the shopping basket, that dress online I spotted at lunch, the new shoes I desperately "need".  I'm not a complete spendthrift, I do manage to live within my means - I just don't manage to save a whole lot extra. 

I used to be an excellent saver, it is how I've achieved a load of things in my life, but at some point I just got out of the habit.  The thing is, I love to travel and that takes money, so I'm hardening up against temptation, re-learning those good habits and doing my best to be thrifty and save.

To help me, I've resurrected something I used to do when I was at uni and had to watch every dollar, I'm keeping a spending journal.  Boy oh boy do you think about what you are spending when you have to write it down.  That sneaky afternoon snack doesn't seem so sneaky when I know it is going in my spreadsheet.  It is slightly mortifying to see how the dollars add up so easily.  I'm sure it will be good for me, I've already found the strength to resist a few temptations.

However, being sensible and saving doesn't mean that I'm going to live an austere life.  I'm working hard to find some happy medium of decent savings AND a full and comfortable life.  So today I'm adding a new line to the spreadsheet as I go get pampered at the hairdresser.

I LOVE having my hair done.  Honestly, it is one of my favourite things, to just sit back and be pampered.  I always come out of the salon with a little extra spring in my step.  As I have long hair, I can usually manage to leave a fair bit of time between the visits which means that it isn't too hard on my wallet and is something I look forward to, a real treat.

My salon is rather lovely.  It is equipped with massage chairs, there is always a wide variety of magazines, I get my cup of tea and the staff are just gorgeous.

This is money well spent and a line in my savings journal that won't make me cringe!

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  1. I've gradually started to spend less frivolously as I have got older. Ironically I now earn more than when I was younger so could afford more now, even though I seem less inclined to impulse buy.